Who we are

Experts in user engagement and usability research techniques, our backgrounds in pharmaceutical and consumer marketing adds commercial insight to the device development process

Craig Scott

Craig was born and brought up in Hong Kong before moving to the UK. His constant sense of being an outsider has served him well in his twenty plus year career in market research and insight. Craig held international leadership roles at Kimberly-Clark and Johnson & Johnson combined with agency experience at TNS (now Kantar Health). He moved into the pharmaceutical industry where he was appointed European Head of Research for Pfizer and introduced many customer-centric initiatives.

Craig Scott, Greensand Consulting

Martin Schlaeppi

Martin has over thirty years’ global experience in the healthcare sector including commercial analysis, marketing development and marketing research roles both on the supply side: Taylor Nelson (now Kantar Health) and Praxis Research & Consulting, and industry: the International Marketing Development team at Glaxo (now GSK).

Martin Schlaeppi, Greensand Consulting

We have many years of experience across a broad range of
medical devices and drug delivery systems:

Asthma / COPD Inhalers

  • MDI – CFC & HFA
  • Powder – unit & multi dose
  • Collapsible spacers
  • Portable nebuliser
  • Novel design concepts


  • Infusion system for IV antibiotics
  • Inhaled antibiotic
  • Once daily dosing for HIV therapy
  • Single dose anti-malarial + diagnostic
  • Point of care PCR diagnostic
  • Topical formulation – HSV

Injections / Autoinjectors

  • Human growth hormone
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Ultrafine needle for diabetics
  • Deltoid injection in schizophrenia


  • Sip feed taste
  • Pumps
  • Packaging

Novel Delivery Opportunities

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Migraine

Unit Dose Immunosuppressant

  • For neonatal kidney transplant patients

Topical Treatments

  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Eczema

Neonatal ICU

  • Equipment
  • Monitors

Inhaled Insulin

Tablet Size / Shape

  • Ovarian cancer

MRI Scanners

  • New scanning modalities
  • Software

Nuclear Medicine

  • Unit dose pack

Smoking Cessation Patches

Surface Anaesthesia

PET Scanning

Trans Anal Irrigation

Our operational network delivers with global scale

We have speaking engagements with many top organisations:

Med-Tech Innovation

Management Forum


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